Upper Madison Street Fair

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The Original Steamer No.10 on parade on Madison Avenue in 1895

Original Steamer 10 Engine, to learn more about our history. More »

Finish the Castle

We are working on making a new Cover for the Book of Steamer No.10. Frankly, we want it to do justice to the theatres contents - a full season of 120-150 performances for kids, adults, everyone. To bring our cover closer to our dream we have embarked on a Capital Campaign to Finish the Castle. More »



Outside view of Steamer No. 10

Exterior view of Steamer No. 10 at 500 Western Avenue Albany, NY

Steamer No.10 Theatre, Inc. is a non-profit, tax-exempt professional theatre producing and presenting shows for children and families, and touring to schools and theatres throughout the Northeast.

Located in Albany, NY Steamer No. 10 Theatre presents a variety of live stage and music productions, including children’s theater, Eclectic Performance Series, Vacation Daze, Theater Voices, and Too Deep Entertainment.

“We want to get children, adults, teachers, grandparents…everyone…excited about theatre and the performing arts. Everyone should attend live performances with a burning desire to see more.”

Auditions – Fall 2017

Steamer No.10 – CAST Auditions – Extended

Robin Hood and the Good (& Bad) Fairies of Nottingham

Auditions: Sept. 11, 12 – 5:30 to 7:30 – Students age 7-17 – CAST
If you can not make these dates/times you may call 518-438-5503 to make an Appointment – leave a message.
Performance Dates: Oct. 20 through Nov. 5
Imagine the tale of Robin Hood . . . but filled with Fairies, Trolls, and Frogs; as well as the usual characters.
Audition sides from the script will be provided – Actors will be asked to read scenes from the play

A not quite classic tale of mismatched animosity and love, human and fairy.

Robin Hood and his Merry Men rob the rich and give to the poor. Robin Hood loves Maid Marion, who loves Robin. Meanwhile Robin battles the Sheriff who loves Marion, who can’t stand the Sheriff.  Also doing battle on their own sides are the Fairy Queen, her court, trouble-making fairies, and Trolls – who double as the unionized stage hands.

The Robin Hood tale comes out of a time that firmly believed in magic, fairies, and the supernatural.  We have the world’s first anti-hero, someone who is declared an outlaw, but is following a moral path that has brought him into conflict with the established authority in the form of the Sheriff and the Duchess.  Meanwhile the Fairy Queen takes exception to the wanton destruction of her forest and its animals by the same two.  And, of course all societies, magical or human, have their malcontents who sow their mischief.

Steamer No.10 – CAST – The NeverEnding Story

Auditions: Nov. 27, 28 – 5:30 to 7:30 – Students 7-17 – CAST
Auditions: Nov. 27, 28 – 7:pm to 8– Adults
Performance Dates: Jan. 26 through Feb. 11
A Boy who needs a friend, finds a world that needs a Hero
Audition sides from the script will be provided
Actors will be asked to read scenes from the play

CAST – Creative Arts at Steamer Ten is our Theatre Arts program.  We produce shows with students aged 7 to 17 with rehearsals at least twice each week over the course of a 6 week period.  The cast and crew create the sets and costumes for the show which has up to nine performances over three weekends.

 Tuition for C.A.S.T. Students
There is a $250 tuition charge to cover the expenses of instruction, costumes, props, scenery, rehearsal and performance space, licensing, and insurance. Tuition is due at the first rehearsal. Performers will be required to provide their own tights and dance shoes, which can be purchased at a discount through the program.  Scholarships are available based on economic need.


A “Finish the Castle” Update — July 2017

Castle, July 2017.We have completed the masonry for our “castle” — Steamer No. 10’s new lobby — and we will soon be working on the roof, to protect what we have done so far. We hope to have the windows and doors in by the time cold weather arrives.  We are moving ahead as quickly as we can (and as funding allows). Stay tuned for further updates, and read more about the project here!


Finish the Castle! Help meet the CHALLENGE!

Times Union Article – Castle 3-10-15

Help us meet The CHALLENGE!

We have raised a portion of the money and we have started construction.  The Brickwork is underway!   We want to make our exterior reflect the quantity and cultural quantity of the performances taking place at the theatre, we have embarked on a Capital Campaign.  Now, Steamer No.10 has been given a CHALLENGE!  If we raise $50,000 we will be given an additional $50,000.  We are currently two-thirds of the way to  reaching our goal having raised $30,000 of the match.  We must do this.

Put Your Name on a Seat

For a contribution of $250, you can buy a seat at Steamer No.10, and place your name on it, or contribute in honor of a loved one.  You have up to 32 characters (including spaces) and a maximum of two lines.

Finish the Castle

Steamer No.10 Theatre spent its first century as a working firehouse and the past two and a half decades as the Capital Region’s Children’s Theatre.  Our goal is to continue to serve our audience of kids, parents, grandparents, adults, seniors, and neighbors.

Why we need the Castle


  • Create a Lobby for the comfort of our Patrons waiting for a show;
  • Improved handicapped accessibility;
  • Improve lighting for the entrance;
  • Improve the ability of audience to find the theatre – a distinctive entrance to serve as landmark – our Castle;
  • Get our Audience in out of the wind, rain, and snow.
  • Better signage to help the audience find us, and let everyone know what shows are taking place;
  • Additional space for classes and meetings.

The Plan – A Capital Campaign of $150,000

Phase 1
1. Brickwork and Permanent Roof, Windows & Doors
2. Finish: Interior, new Concession Exterior Landscaping & railings
Phase 2
3. Update Theatrical Systems – Replace the 20 year-old (failing) theatrical lighting system, upgrade other systems
4.  Air Condition the theatre – we currently use noisy window units – we have already installed 75% of a built-in system.

Name the Castle

We have numerous naming opportunities for portions of the Castle such as the towers, drawbridge, etc..  Contribute a significant portion of the total Campaign and we will Name the Castle for you.

Our Mission and How We Achieve It

We want to get children, adults, teachers, grandparents…everyone…excited about theatre and the arts. Everyone should attend live performances with a burning desire to see more.

Steamer No.10 Theatre, Inc. is a non-profit, tax-exempt professional theatre creating shows for children and families. We produce  nine shows each year, with an emphasis on fairy tales, children’s literature and local history, reaching 12,000 to 14,000 people annually.

We have been dubbed the mad scientists of children’s theatre. We rely on audience participation, so no two shows are ever the same and we never know what will happen at any given performance. We take risks, but it’s worth it. That ‘expect the unexpected’ atmosphere is what makes us unique and enjoyable for parents and children alike. In the process we are getting the next generation hooked on the performing arts.