C.A.S.T. Summer Sessions 2017

Ages 7 to 17

Monday to Friday: 9:am to 5:pm

Tuition: $250

Performance: Friday Afternoon at 4:pm

CAST Application – Summer 2017

Each week CAST will produce a show that will be staged on Friday afternoon – Script-in-Hand. On Monday morning everyone in that Session auditions for a role in that week’s show. We rehearse each day working on character development, blocking, use of props, etc. Toward the end of the week we add what sets are available, lighting, and sound. On Friday afternoon the show will be performed Script-in-Hand for an audience of family, friends, and neighborhood children. (Script-in-Hand {no need to memorize} removes a great deal of stress from the actor.)



5 July 24 to 28  Egyptian Cinderella
6  July 31 – Aug 4
 No Program Scheduled


Aug. 7 to 11

No Program Scheduled


Aug. 14 to 18

An Irish Cinderlad Tale — Billy Beg and the Bull


Aug. 21 to 25

Sleeping Beauty

  Aug. 29, 30
Auditions for: Macbeth

Sept. 5, 6

Auditions for: Robin Hood and

the Good (& Bad) Fairies of Nottingham

Aug. 14-18: An Irish Cinderlad Tale – Billy Beg and the Bull

This is an Irish Cinder-lad tale.  Our Cinder child does not get along with his Step-Mother (an evil witch) or his step sisters.  He befriends a magical Bull, runs away from home and battles an Ogre. Later he defeats a Dragon to save a Princess, but runs away leaving her with his boot.  She searches all of Ireland to find him, and the boot fits.

Aug. 21-25: Sleeping Beauty

The tale of a young princess whose parent’s run afoul of a wicked fairy and she is cursed to sleep for a 100 years, but when she awakens the world has changed and she must to learn about it and how to survive.

Aug. 29, 30 – 5:30 to 7:30 Auditions – Macbeth

Students – age 12 to 17

Performance Dates: Nov. 10 to 19

Sept. 5, 6 – 5:30 to 7:30 Auditions – Robin Hood and the Good (& Bad) Fairies of Nottingham

Students – age 7 to 17 — Performance Dates: Oct. 20 to Nov. 5, 2017

Imagine the tale of Robin Hood . . . but filled with Fairies, Trolls, and Frogs; as well as the usual characters.  You will be asked to read from sides.

CAST – Creative Arts at Steamer Ten is our Theatre Arts program.  We produce shows with students aged 7 to 17 with rehearsals at least twice each week over the course of a 6-10 week period.  The cast and crew create the sets and costumes for the show which has up to nine performances over three weekends.

Tuition for C.A.S.T. Students
There is a $250 tuition charge to cover the expenses of instruction, costumes, props, scenery, rehearsal and performance space, licensing, and insurance. Tuition is due at the first rehearsal. Performers will be required to provide their own tights and dance shoes, which can be purchased at a discount through the program.  Scholarships are available based on economic need.