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Photo - Summerhill

Daniel Summerhill

Sunday, May 1 at 7:pm – Admission: $5

Poetry Showcase and Booksigning

Opening Poets: Danielle Colin, Amani Olugbala, Tenesha Smith, Daniella Toosie-Watson

Be treated to an emotional, mesmeric reading by Daniel Summerhill, a former Youth Poet Laureate from Oakland, Calif., who now lives and works at the Albany Barn. He considers the poetry landscape here “a dope scene” and described it as varied and vital, cross-fertilizing poets who ply their trade in print with those who perform and slam (which, for the record, started up in Chicago in the mid-1980s).

Summerhill spent five years competing before retiring from slam to venture outside the social-justice subjects that tend to dominate it. But it helped him hone his work, he said. “You learn so much about the craft, and you learn so much about what it takes to convey a message to an audience — what words to use, how to use your body, what subjects to talk about. And all of that ties into it.”