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C.A.S.T. (Creative Arts at Steamer Ten)

C.A.S.T. (Creative Arts at Steamer Ten)

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C.A.S.T. (Creative Arts at Steamer Ten)

Creative Arts at Steamer Ten (CAST) is Steamer No.10′s multi-disciplinary theatre arts school. Each session offers students a unique opportunity to explore some combination of acting, singing, and/or dancing under the supervision of our team of professional instructors. Experience is not required – just the willingness to have fun while learning the ins and outs of working in a professional theatre.

As part of the C.A.S.T program, theatre exercises and warm- ups are a vital part of the overall theatre experience and learning process. When it comes to putting on a successful production, creating a strong sense of community among its cast members is essential. It is through various theatre exercises that such a relationship is established. These exercises involve playing many fun games, but it is through these games that students begin to gain a better understanding of what it means to be an ensemble and to collaborate. Moreover, the games promote confidence and work to improve social and communication skills.


Target School Field Trips

Although schools and organizations can purchase tickets for scheduled performances at special rates, we can also schedule Kids’ Fare performances to suite your organization’s needs. Please note that Steamer No. 10 Theatre is approved for BOCES funding. Each of our Kids’ Fare shows is designed to satisfy New York State Elementary Learning Standards. Contact us for more information about specific shows.

You can find our study guide for Clinton’s Ditch by clicking here.

Shows at Steamer No. 10:
We can add performances at Steamer No. 10.  Dates and times will be arranged according to the needs of the organization as well as the availability of the actors and stage. The fee is $800 to buy the house and we can seat 120 audience members. Sometimes we will book several smaller groups, splitting the cost among them, if possible.

Shows at Other Venues:
Sometimes it is easier for us to come to you. If that is the case we will come to the venue of your choice and present our production.  Dates and times will be arranged according to the needs of the organization as well as the availability of the actors. The fee for local performances is $950 for one performance with special rates for additional performances, extended runs, and workshops.

Please do not hesitate to contact us to inquire about booking performances. We are also interested in your feedback about our choices for this season’s Kids’ Fare Series as well as any interest or suggestions you might have in specific shows or topics for next season. We look forward to the opportunity to discuss the needs of your organization, so contact us today!

Daytime Performances