... The NeverEnding Story

The NeverEnding Story

Friday: Feb. 2, 9 at 7:pm
Saturday & Sunday: Feb. 3, 4, 10, 11 at 3:pm

Tickets:           General Admission: $15
Location:        Steamer No.10 Theatre, 500 Western Ave. Albany NY
Info:                (518) 438-5503  info@steamer10theatre.org

Michael Ende’s Fantastic Tale of the Triumph of Imagination

The Steamer No.10 Theatre is excited to announce the opening of The NeverEnding Story Friday, February 2 at 7:pm. The play, adapted from the novel by Michael Ende and runs Saturdays and Sundays at 3:pm through February 11, 2018.  The show is directed by Creative Arts at Steamer Ten – CAST Education director Jacqueline Donnaruma and features Nadia Tell as Bastian and Cedar Kox as Atreyu.  The Falkor puppet has been created by Jack Shafer.
The play opens with young Bastian, a bookish boy tormented by school bullies. To escape the bullies he runs into a used bookstore.  But when the old bookseller gives Bastian a most amazing book, he finds refuge in the story on its pages.

Fantastica is in grave danger. The Nothing engulfs everything in its path, and the Childlike Empress sends the unlikely hero Atreyu, a boy of Bastian’s age, on a quest to find the one who
can save them all. Atreyu’s adventure takes him to the far corners of Fantastica, through the
Swamp of Sadness, the cave of a giant spider, and the maze of the Southern Oracle, aided by the
happy Luck Dragon, Falkor. But it is with Bastian’s belief in the story that Fantastica has found
its true savior. Imagination will live on, and the story begins again…

In a land devoured by The Nothing, only one child can save everything. All he
must do is believe in Fantastica, believe in imagination, and believe in himself.
The Neverending Story was originally written as a children’s book and published
in Germany in 1979. The story was later made into a well-known hit movie of the
same title in 1984 with several sequels. Now this wonderful tale of fantasy and
imagination comes to life at the Steamer No.10 Theatre.