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Summer Programs 2016

CAST Application – Summer 2016

The CAST program introduces students to basic stage technique using creative dramatics, music and movement. Through positive reinforcement, students learn to respect others’ work, create scenes as an ensemble and work with a director, musical director, and choreographer. This program helps build self-confidence and communication and collaboration skills among younger students. Students will perform in an end-of-week showcase

Sign up now to be part of the Creative Arts at Steamer Ten program.

Steamer No.10 Theatre – 500 Western Ave. Albany, NY 12203

518.438.5503  info@steamer10theatre.org

For ages 7 to 17

Monday to Friday:  9:am to 4:pm;
before-care (8-9), and after-care (4-5) are available – extended after-care is available upon request

Tuition: $200/week

Registration (non-refundable): $50 – balance due week prior to class $150.

Session One         Act Sing Dance One – June 27 to July 1 
Session Two        Act, Sing, Dance Two – July 5 to July 8 (Session 1 is not required for Session 2)
Session Three      Cinderella Tales – July 11 to July 15
Session Four      Rumpelstiltskin – Act One – July 18 to 22
Session Five       Rumpelstiltskin – Act Two – July 25 to 29 (Act One is not required for Act 2)

Performance: Friday Afternoon at 1:pm (Script-in-Hand {no need to memorize} removes a great deal of stress from the actor.)

Act, Sing, Dance! -  Work with professional Actors, Singers, and Choreographers throughout the week on acting and singing technique, and dance choreography. Students will work together to create scenes, learn Broadways songs and stage choreography. On Friday everyone performs in the end-of-week showcase. (Session 1 is not required for Session 2)

One Act Plays – Each week CAST will produce a show to be staged Friday afternoon – Script-in-Hand.  On Monday everyone that has signed up for that week will audition for a role in that week’s show – and everyone has a role.  We rehearse each day working on character development, blocking, and use of props.  Toward the end of the week we add sets, lighting, and sound.  On Friday afternoon the show will be performed Script-in-Hand for an audience of family, friends, and neighborhood children.

Cinderella Tales: Cinderella is the heroine of the world’s most popular fairy tale with more than 900 versions, every culture has a variation. The Glass Slipper — the European version of Cinderella.   A young girl, with the magical intervention of her fairy god mother, escapes from her step family to attend the Prince’s Ball, but only until midnight. As she flees the Ball she loses a glass slipper the Prince finds it and uses its unique size to find her again

Rumpelstiltskin: Our almost traditional tale of a Miller’s Daughter who gets caught up in a tale about spinning straw into gold. When the King orders her to spin the straw into gold she realizes that only magic can save her.  But, when the magical, maniacal, schizophrenic, wood gnome Rumpelstiltskin makes its appearance she has not been saved, but doomed.  Rumpelstiltskin is played by not one actor, but several!

August – Shakespeare in Lincoln Park – Taming of the Shrew –Auditions – May 8, 9