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Photo - February VD - 2017

February Vacation Daze

February Vacation Daze  Tickets are $15 or,

a Steamer Ten Pass is Ten tickets for $110 – use one or bring up to 9 of your best buddies.

All Tickets Will be Held at the Door.  Nothing will be mailed, unless requested.

PayPal does not give us a Service Charge option to cover our costs, only Shipping & Handling.  We promise not to Ship. 

A different performer every day, with at least two shows each day.  A great selection of family-oriented cultural entertainment during the February Break -  Bubble Science – Puppets – Acrobatics and Juggling – Magic – and the Zucchini Brothers!  Who could ask for more?

web photo - Bubble ManiaCasey Carle’s Bubble Mania – Feb. 20 at 10:am and 1:pm

Comedy With A Drip! — A BubbleManiac since 1989, Casey Carle, the “creative master of the art of bubbling” presents an event loaded with visual comedy, quick wit, big band swing music and amazing soap bubble manipulations – from award winning bubble art forms to trapping people in a giant bubble! Amazement and amusement for ages 5 to 95!

web photo - NMT - Sleeping BeautyTanglewood Marionettes – Sleeping Beauty – Feb. 21 at 10:am and 1:pm – Tanglewood Marionettes has won International Puppetry awards for their shows.  Sleeping Beauty - begins in King Felix’s great hall where guests from across the land have gathered to celebrate the birth of Princess Aurora. The party goes awry when the wicked witch arrives and curses the baby princess. Will the curse come true? Will someone with a “true heart” appear? You will know when you see Tanglewood Marionettes’ presentation of this beloved classic.  In this retelling, a painted story book opens to reveal each scene. Beautifully hand-crafted marionettes are brought to life by a master puppeteer as the dramatic events unfold.  Running time: 40 minutes

Photo - Li LIUAcrobat and Juggler – Li Liu — Feb. – 22 at 10:am and 1:pm (1:pm is half-sold)

Li Liu was born in the city of Shenyang in The Northeast of China. At the age of six she began her acrobatic training, and the following year she was chosen to attend The Chinese National Circus School in the capitol city of Beijing. While in Beijing she trained for eight hours a day until she was 16.

In 1984 her artistic cycling act won a gold medal at the prestigious Festival Mondial du Cirque de Demain in Paris, France.  For many years Ms. Liu traveled extensively throughout Europe, Africa and Asia with The Liaoning Acrobatic Arts Troupe.

She came to the United States in 2000 with Ringling Brothers Barnum & Bailey Circus and toured all over the US for two years. She has been living in the US and working as a freelance performer since 2003. She is a regular on the NBA & WNBA half-time circuits and is also is a featured performer on Princess Cruise Lines.

web photo - Jim SnackMagician Jim Snack – Feb. 23 at 10:am and 1:pm

This is the show that just magically appeared! The region’s most renowned magician and a master of sleight-of-hand, Jim Snack brings everything he needs except an assistant. That’s where you come in. Not only will Jim amaze and amuse you – he’ll make you a part of the action. But only if you are here…


web photo - Zucchini BrothersMusic of the Zucchini Brothers – Feb. 24 at at 10:am and 1:pm

Terrific, energetic and fantastic – that’s the band, the show, and the audience! “The Beatles of Kids’ Music” – are what the Zucchini Brothers, Jack, Steve and Sam are often called. “Words of Wisdom Set to Foot-tapping Music” – are what the Zucchini Brothers deliver. This band of brothers: Jack on Guitar, Steve on Keyboards, Sam on Drums (each his own character, all of whom sing) offers up a musical stir-fry of styles. You never know just what these three zany guys will do. But one thing’s for sure, once you’ve seen ‘em – you won’t forget ‘em…  Not your average bunch of vegetables, these terrific musicians bring you their latest songs from Zucchiniland, and a whole lot of your favorite Zucchini Music and fun!


Steamer No.10 Annual Campaign - WEB

Steamer No.10 Annual Appeal

Steamer No.10 Theatre, Inc. is a small, 501 (c) 3 non-profit corporation.  We have a full time staff of one, and 5-7 part-time actors, teachers, directors, designers, whatever job needs doing.  We earn more than 65% of our $200,000 budget; however we still need to raise that other $70,000. Please become a member of the Steamer No.10 family as we move on toward a fantastic season of family oriented cultural entertainment.

We have launched our 2014 – 2015 season and here is an overview of what we have planned:

  • six family oriented productions using professional actors are planned for 60 to 70 performances;
  • we’re bringing in fifteen different artists for kids with our Vacation Daze series for 35 to 40 performances;
  • we host Theater Voices for free staged readings of four shows for 16 performances;
  • and the Eclectic Series will feature at least 10 different artists who will both entertain and challenge our adult audience.
  • our theatre arts school – C.A.S.T. – Creative Arts at Steamer Ten – offers classes and produces shows for students 8-18.  This year we will produce three C.A.S.T. shows – produced entirely by students, plus two C.A.S.T./Kids Fare shows where students work with professional actors.

This past year we offered more than 150 performances, 400 classes/rehearsals with our students, community meetings, a day-long street fair to promote the neighborhood and other events. We don’t simply pinch pennies, we make sure every one of them is spent in a way that serves our mission of introducing children and families to live theatre.

Steamer No.10 is the Capital Region’s Children’s Theatre, the place where kids are introduced to the performing arts.  Please become a member of the Steamer No.10 family as we move toward a fantastic season of family oriented cultural entertainment.