... Vacation Daze Performances

April Vacation Daze

Tickets are $15 at the door with a discount if you purchase at least a day in advance.

Silly Billy - Black (2)Silly Billy Magic  — April 6 – 10:am & 1:pm

Wearing his trade-mark jumbo-sized glasses, Silly Billy combines great magic with lots of comedy. Get silly with Silly Billy!   “A zany magician who lives up to his name.”  Best Children’s Entertainer in New York” – NY Times

Zucc_1_medMusic of the Zucchini Brothers  –  April 7 – 10:am, and 1:pm

Terrific, energetic and fantastic – that’s the band, the show, and the audience!  Not your average bunch of vegetables, these terrific musicians bring you their latest songs from Zucchiniland, and a whole lot of your favorite Zucchini Music and fun.


Steve Charney and HarryVentriloquist Steve Charney –  April 8 – 10:am and 1:pm    

A one-man vaudeville show. Steve Charney, with his wooden assistant Harry, has performed magic, music, jokes, and other forms of comedy through out the US for several decades.  His songs have become part of the PBS show The Bear in the Big Blue House.  Daniel Pinkwater described Charney as “A scholar of various types of lunacy, and as to his sense of humor, I think it is primitive, juvenile and absolutely perfect.” There is no-one like Steve Charney, you have to see why.

Tangelwood - Dragon KingTanglewood Marionettes – The Dragon King  — April 9 – 10:am and 1:pm

The tale of an intrepid Grandmother who journeys to the bottom of the sea to seek the Dragon King, and the answer to why he has not brought the life-giving rains in such a very long time. An underwater fantasy based on Chinese folklore, this exciting adventure is filled with amazing sea creatures and a Dragon King that will knock your socks off.

bert-big-head-unicycle-white-bkgrndBert the Nerd – Juggler Extraordinaire — April 10 – 10:am, and 1:pm – (both of Bert’s shows are 1/2 sold)

Bert will do a 2:30 pm Juggling Workshop ($15 & includes a set of Juggling Balls)

Whether perched atop a unicycle flinging around knives and torches, walking a rope, or simply smashing crackers with a sledgehammer, Bert manages to command the force of gravity but gets mystified by his necktie. Bert’s powerful performance fills the stage with amazing skill in juggling and magic, hard-hitting comedy, audience participation, and a wonderful spontaneity that keeps his audience screaming for more.


Steamer No.10 Annual Campaign - WEB

Steamer No.10 Annual Appeal

Steamer No.10 Theatre, Inc. is a small, 501 (c) 3 non-profit corporation.  We have a full time staff of one, and 5-7 part-time actors, teachers, directors, designers, whatever job needs doing.  We earn more than 65% of our $200,000 budget; however we still need to raise that other $70,000. Please become a member of the Steamer No.10 family as we move on toward a fantastic season of family oriented cultural entertainment.

We have launched our 2014 – 2015 season and here is an overview of what we have planned:

  • six family oriented productions using professional actors are planned for 60 to 70 performances;
  • we’re bringing in fifteen different artists for kids with our Vacation Daze series for 35 to 40 performances;
  • we host Theater Voices for free staged readings of four shows for 16 performances;
  • and the Eclectic Series will feature at least 10 different artists who will both entertain and challenge our adult audience.
  • our theatre arts school – C.A.S.T. – Creative Arts at Steamer Ten – offers classes and produces shows for students 8-18.  This year we will produce three C.A.S.T. shows – produced entirely by students, plus two C.A.S.T./Kids Fare shows where students work with professional actors.

This past year we offered more than 150 performances, 400 classes/rehearsals with our students, community meetings, a day-long street fair to promote the neighborhood and other events. We don’t simply pinch pennies, we make sure every one of them is spent in a way that serves our mission of introducing children and families to live theatre.

Steamer No.10 is the Capital Region’s Children’s Theatre, the place where kids are introduced to the performing arts.  Please become a member of the Steamer No.10 family as we move toward a fantastic season of family oriented cultural entertainment.